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Website Changes


If you have visited our website this past week you may have noticed a different look.  In honor of the winter, we have changed the background to a more wintry theme.  This year, we will be changing the theme every season to remind everyone that each season has its own spirit.  Even though in the Northwest there are only two seasons, summer and rainy season, we can still keep in mind the spirit of the seasons. Winter is the time of turning in, of reflection and of planning for the year ahead.  It is a quiet, solemn time filled with expectation. Read more

Year of the Snake & Superstars

year of the snake text
February 10th marks the beginning of the year of the snake. The Snake like it’s more powerful cousin, the Dragon, is wise and clever in financial matters. Its wisdom goes deeper than financial matters, however, and this year will be one for self-examination and planning. It is a time to ask what is really important and focus attention on what is crucial for your growth. Read more

Thank You Groupon Customers!

We are coming up on the expiration date of our Groupon deal. January 16th is the last day that a Groupon can be redeemed to get the full acupuncture visits. If you have a Groupon that has already expired don’t throw it away. The original deal will expire but remember the value that you paid never expires. You can always come in and apply that value toward an acupuncture visit. If you want to try acupuncture, don’t let that opportunity pass you by, you can still get an appointment for a discount. Read more

Join me at Molbak’s

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I would like to invite you to join me for a Girl’s Night Out at Molbak’s to benefit the YWCA.  It’s this Thursday from 7-9:30 pm.  The cost is $20.  There will be door prizes a 10% discount off of everything in the store and more.  You have to register ahead of time, so click on the picture in this post for more information and to register. Read more

On Vacation

Sticking to the principle that taking a rest every once in a while is good for your health, we are away on vacation this week.  Susan will be back working in Snohomish on July 30th.  Our Woodiniville office will open again on July 31st.  Our regular blog posts will also resume on July 30th.

Our New Far Infrared Sauna

We have just added a far infrared sauna to our practice.  Though I am a relative neophyte to infrared saunas, I am excited about what I have read and felt so far. Read more

Transitions Lifestyle Workshop

Susan Groller will be offering a 12 week Transitions Lifestyle workshop at Balance Acupuncture, starting on June 28th. The TLS workshop gives you the tools and education to make healthy choices in your life. It is not just about diet; modifying your attitudes and behavior around diet and exercise are a big part of the TLS system. This means real and lasting change that improves your overall body composition. Read more

Early Screen for Breast Cancer

Just letting everyone know that Sky Valley Healing Arts in Snohomish will be holding a breast health screening.  The screenings will be on Monday, June 4, from 9 am to 4 pm.  They use the ForeCYTE breast health test that screens for pre-cancerous lesions before they show up on mammogram.  Click here to see the flyer.

Our New Website

Our website has had a complete overall, to make it easier to find the information you need. A new menu with drop-down tabs at the top will make it easier to navigate from page to page. Read more

New Additional Location

Susan has added a new location to her acupuncture business. Starting February 6, 2012, Susan will be working Monday and Wednesdays at Sky Valley Healing Arts in Snohomish, Washington. Sky Valley Healing Arts is an integrative center including a Naturopathic Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, Massage Therapist as well as other practitioners. Read more