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5 Simple Tips for Eating Out

Have you ever felt exasperated as you go over the menu at your favorite restaurant and try to match the items to anything that remotely resembles the diet you’re on?  I have.  Dieting can add stress to the dining out experience and let’s face it, you are not always going to be able to maintain your diet if you eat out regularly.  However, I have found it is easier to eat out and not be stressed if I follow these 5 simple tips. Read more

TLS Week 8: diet and well-being

Now, having finished the eighth week of the TLS program, I can really start to notice some differences due to my diet. In general, I have felt less achy, I have had fewer headaches and my mental clarity has been better. In other words, the effects of the first detox week have lasted.  In addition, I have already surpassed my goal of losing 10 pounds. Read more

Recipe: Zesty Pickled Beets

zesty beetsOne of my favorite dishes in the summer time are pickled beets. I love their sweet, earthy flavor. My favorite recipe for pickled beets is also one of the simplest. Lemon zest and lemon juice are paired with the beets to highlight their sweetness and to add a bright tangy flavor. Served cold, these pickles are a wonderful, summer afternoon treat. I like eating them plain but they also make a great topper for summer salads. Read more

Healthy Eating Tip: Buy ripe fruit

Fruits are packed with nutrients. However, our modern food system encourages the harvesting of unripe fruits because they ship easier. This has gone on for so long now, that I find many people are completely unaware of how to tell the difference between a ripe and unripe fruit. There are two main ways of testing the ripeness of your fruit, smell it and touch it.

Read more

Transitions Lifestyle – Week 2

The second week of the TLS program has proven to be much easier than the first. Of all things, I am happy to have protein back in my diet. I am eating much less protein, but that little bit helps a lot. Though the first week was tough, it has proven useful. I have noticed a boost in energy and mental clarity. Both have carried over into this second week. Read more

Transitions Lifestyle – Week 1

I have just finished the first week of the Transitions Lifestyle Program. It is called detox week and it is the most difficult week of the program. During this week, you are allowed to eat all the vegetables you would like, but mostly raw, plus three servings of fruit and that’s it. No meat, no fats, no grains, no sugar. Talk about a shock to your system! Read more

Transitions Lifestyle Workshop

Susan Groller will be offering a 12 week Transitions Lifestyle workshop at Balance Acupuncture, starting on June 28th. The TLS workshop gives you the tools and education to make healthy choices in your life. It is not just about diet; modifying your attitudes and behavior around diet and exercise are a big part of the TLS system. This means real and lasting change that improves your overall body composition. Read more

GeneSNP, A Personal Health Map – Part 4

In this final post on GeneSNP, I will focus on two questions. What does all this information mean? And, how does it help me improve my health? Read more

GeneSNP, A Personal Health Map – Part 3

In this post, I will show what I believe is the coolest part of my GeneSNP report, the actual genetic variation. There are pages of tables showing what genetic variations you have and generally what they mean. This is the section I would want to consult with my doctor on. It is the hard data section, a genetic record that you should save as part of your medical records. Read more

GeneSNP, A Personal Health Map – Part 2

After about a month, my GeneSNP genetic profile was ready. I signed on to my secure account and was able to download a 24-page PDF report. There are many sections to the report and it starts off with some great graphs that give you an overview. Read more