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3 Health Tips for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (aka Degenerative Joint Disease) affects 27 million adult Americans according to the CDC. Treating severe cases of arthritis usually involves joint replacement surgery but making some lifestyle changes can slow down or even repair the damage to the joint.  Here are three changes you can make right now. Read more

Completing the TLS Program

The twelve weeks of the TLS program are over and the results are in. I was able to meet my goal of losing 10 pounds. Actually, by the first weigh-in at four weeks, I had lost 11 pounds and I have stayed at that weight since. I don’t see much physical change from the 11 pounds (below). I would say that my face is less puffy, my waist and my belly have shrunk slightly. The biggest changes, however, are not visible ones. Read more

Harvest Tribute

Just a little fun today at the beginning of October.  The fall season is upon us and in Chinese Medicine, each season represents many different themes.  Today, I am just going to touch on one of those themes and that is the harvest.  To help get your mind on the joy of the harvest, I have included pictures from my garden. If you would like to see a larger version of the pictures you can click on any of them. Read more

Who are you?!

Ever asked yourself, who am I? When someone else asks, “Who are you?”; such a direct question. We usually answer with our name and a little bio; where we’re from, where we work, etc. This is not what I am talking about. What I am asking is, “what sort of person are you; i.e. what is your character?” This is the sort of question that almost no one asks but for a healthy mind and happy life, it is one we should ask ourselves. Read more

TLS Week 8: diet and well-being

Now, having finished the eighth week of the TLS program, I can really start to notice some differences due to my diet. In general, I have felt less achy, I have had fewer headaches and my mental clarity has been better. In other words, the effects of the first detox week have lasted.  In addition, I have already surpassed my goal of losing 10 pounds. Read more

Why “weight loss” is bad for your health

Weight loss is an important goal for many people’s overall health. However, implicit in many weight-loss goals is a self-defeating trap that can lead to further health problems. The reason for this is most weight-loss goals are a certain amount of weight within a short period of time. I have listed some of the common weight-loss goals that I see below, and the ugly truth that is hidden within them. Read more

Transitions Lifestyle – Week 2

The second week of the TLS program has proven to be much easier than the first. Of all things, I am happy to have protein back in my diet. I am eating much less protein, but that little bit helps a lot. Though the first week was tough, it has proven useful. I have noticed a boost in energy and mental clarity. Both have carried over into this second week. Read more

Transitions Lifestyle – Week 1

I have just finished the first week of the Transitions Lifestyle Program. It is called detox week and it is the most difficult week of the program. During this week, you are allowed to eat all the vegetables you would like, but mostly raw, plus three servings of fruit and that’s it. No meat, no fats, no grains, no sugar. Talk about a shock to your system! Read more

Our New Far Infrared Sauna

We have just added a far infrared sauna to our practice.  Though I am a relative neophyte to infrared saunas, I am excited about what I have read and felt so far. Read more

Transitions Lifestyle Workshop

Susan Groller will be offering a 12 week Transitions Lifestyle workshop at Balance Acupuncture, starting on June 28th. The TLS workshop gives you the tools and education to make healthy choices in your life. It is not just about diet; modifying your attitudes and behavior around diet and exercise are a big part of the TLS system. This means real and lasting change that improves your overall body composition. Read more