Completing the TLS Program

The twelve weeks of the TLS program are over and the results are in. I was able to meet my goal of losing 10 pounds. Actually, by the first weigh-in at four weeks, I had lost 11 pounds and I have stayed at that weight since. I don’t see much physical change from the 11 pounds (below). I would say that my face is less puffy, my waist and my belly have shrunk slightly. The biggest changes, however, are not visible ones.

I had noted in my first post on TLS that I had more mental clarity and energy. This has been the most notable change throughout the program. As an acupuncturist, most of the work I do is mental, not physical. The added mental “strength” has made my work easier and my insight better.

Another reaction to the detox week that I noted in that first post was the severe muscle aches. All the old areas of injury were screaming at me that first week. The good news is that cleared up and now I have had far less incidents of aching muscles. In fact, the few days that I ate more bread or sugar than my diet called for were followed by a day of aching muscles. So, I have come to realize that the benefits far outweigh the difficulties of transitioning to an entirely different diet lifestyle.

Which brings me to the last point. Can I live my life on this type of diet? Certainly, I have for the past 3 months. That is the entire point of the Transitions Lifestyle System. It is not a quick fix to lose weight but an entire way of life. The flip side of me feeling good now is that for YEARS, I have felt not so good because of what I was eating. How many of us have terrible diets but never think twice about it?

In the end, we pay for a poor diet with poor health and high health-care bills. TLS is a complete and healthy lifestyle change. However, the important thing to remember is that every time you sit down to eat, you can make healthy choices. Remember that and here’s to your health, Salute!

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