GeneSNP, A Personal Health Map – Part 2

After about a month, my GeneSNP genetic profile was ready. I signed on to my secure account and was able to download a 24-page PDF report. There are many sections to the report and it starts off with some great graphs that give you an overview. Below is my exercise profile [figure 1]. It looks at your genetic make-up and recommends a balance of endurance vs. power exercises.   My exercise profile was a bit of a surprise for me, because I don’t really enjoy endurance exercises, like running, but apparently I should do more of them.


Figure 1


There are also charts that give you an overview of your current state of health based on your genetics in several different health categories. I have included in this post the charts on my glucose balance and detoxification capability. The charts show where you are currently, compared to what is recommended for your genetics. Looking at the chart for my glucose balance [figure 2], you can see the recommendations are that I eat low-glycemic carbs, maintain a healthy weight through exercise and consume adequate levels of dietary fiber. Adequate levels are based on what my genetic test results were. The bars show my percentage achievement of these recommended levels, that’s where the health survey that I filled out at the beginning comes in [see previous post].


Figure 2


The results are pretty clear from the chart. I am above the required level for low-glycemic carbs, but I need a little more fiber in my diet. I should be exercising more, which would bring my BMI goal to 100%.


Figure 3


Looking at the detoxification chart [figure 3], the recommendations are to eat little smoked meats, quit smoking, eat plenty of garlic and broccoli and consume little alcohol. If you read the text you will notice that it says “You do not have any [genetic] variations that have been associated with the benefits of red wine on HDL [good cholesterol] levels”. Therefore, consuming red wine may not produce the benefits in me that it would in others. This one takes some interpretation, basically I am doing pretty good on this one except for the broccoli. The only reason the alcohol is red, is because I consume almost no alcohol. Next week, when I show the data on specific genes, it will become clear that my body doesn’t do a great job of detoxifying. This is especially true for alcohol. I have always gone from tipsy to a bad hang-over easily. Now, I know why.

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All images by Anthony Thompson

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