GeneSNP, A Personal Health Map – Part 3

In this post, I will show what I believe is the coolest part of my GeneSNP report, the actual genetic variation. There are pages of tables showing what genetic variations you have and generally what they mean. This is the section I would want to consult with my doctor on. It is the hard data section, a genetic record that you should save as part of your medical records.  First lets look at my LIPC gene, LIPC is an enzyme that converts IDL cholesterol to LDL cholesterol.  Basically, it makes the “bad” cholesterol.  My gene variations [Table 1] allow this enzyme to work better, producing higher levels of LDL.  This really came as no surprise to me, because everyone on my maternal side battles with high cholesterol.  Now, I know exactly what genes are causing this issue.

Table 1

Let’s also take a look at my GST genes [Table 2].  GST stans for glutathione-S-transferases and these group of enzymes help the body detoxify from normal metabolic activities, as well as external toxins.  In the previous post, I mentioned my sensitivity to alcohol.  While I can drink alcohol, in college, I observed 2 important differences from many of my friends.  I generally become severely intoxicated with less alcohol and my hang-over lasts longer.  Voila!  The GST gene variations I have, make it harder to process a large load of toxins [alcohol].  There is also some evidence that these genes protect the DNA from damage.  Meaning that improper formation of these genes could lead to higher risk for cancer.

Table 2

Don’t I feel blessed.  If a heart attack doesn’t get me at a young age, then cancer is waiting.  Actually, my outlook is much more positive.  I have felt for years that there are certain things I should do to maintain my health.  Going over my GeneSNP report has only strengthened that belief.  These few tables I have shown are only a sample of what is contained in the report.  There is enough information to clearly map out a health profile.  Therefore, in my final post next week, I will look at what all this means as I map out my health goals.

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