GeneSNP, A Personal Health Map – Part 4

In this final post on GeneSNP, I will focus on two questions. What does all this information mean? And, how does it help me improve my health?

Some of the results of the GeneSNP I had already surmised from my family’s health background. There were several surprises, however. I may have a greater risk for osteoporosis and I may have trouble metabolizing B vitamins. There were also some things I suspected but had no way of confirming; like my intolerance to alcohol and my sensitivity to salt.

So now that I know all this, what does it mean and how do I use it. The GeneSNP report is actually a health action plan. A personally tailored health map, as I like to call it. It shows you where you are and where you most likely need to be for optimum health. That is the real beauty of the GeneSNP, it outlines a best practices just for you. Since your genetics won’t change, you can rest assured that you are doing the right thing. Below I have included the table showing the specific recommendations for me [Table 1] If I wan’t to achieve my optimum health, I should eat more cruciferous vegetables, watch my saturated fats and smoked foods and exercise more.

Table 1

The good new is that I am fairly healthy and I am fairly close to achieving my health goals. If I were to exercise more that would likely bring me close to 100% of my optimum health. The GeneSNP even includes a fun little diagram that shows you where you are at for your overall health and BMI [Diagram 1].

How about you? Are there health risks in your family back ground? What changes have you made to your lifestyle because of these risks?

Diagram 1

Please check out the other posts in this series for more examples or click on the “Learn About” button to go to our info page.

All images by Anthony Thompson

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