GeneSNP is a genetic test that looks at several specific sites on your DNA to detect any variations you may have. These sites, called single nucleotide polymorphisms [SNP], are areas where the specific sequencing of your genetic code may have an affect on how your body produces certain enzymes. These enzymes are the factories of your cells. Genetic variations can change the way these enzymes operate which sometimes benefits our long-term health and sometimes makes us more prone to certain illnesses. Knowing how specific genetic variations affect your health allows you to map out a long-term health plan that is tailored specifically to you. That is exactly what GeneSNP is. Once you have tested your DNA, you will receive an action plan that show you what forms of exercise and diet are best suited for you. The action plan also shows where you are currently in relation to the recommendations based on your DNA. As you improve your health you can visit the GeneSNP website and update your progress.


The specific benefits of GeneSNP are;

  • Learn about your genetic risk based on variations in your unique genetic code
  • Understand how your current nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices interact with your unique genetic code
  • Make informed decisions regarding eating habits, lifestyle choices and exercise based on your genes
  • Learn how supplementation recommended in your personalized Health Action Plan can help you maintain your optimum health
  • Track changes and progress in your Health Action Plan as you make changes to your current lifestyle.

Best of all, GeneSNP is only $295.00.

For an example of what a GeneSNP report looks like, please visit our blog series on GeneSNP.