Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a highly evolved system that is able to treat a wide variety of diseases. Like acupuncture, it works with your body’s natural ability to heal. Herbal medicine in China has been in constant development for several millennia. In modern China, both modern medicine and traditional herbal medicine are used in the hospitals. It provides safe, natural remedies for billions of people and its low cost, relative to pharmaceuticals, keeps national health care costs at a minimum.


The core belief in Chinese Herbal Medicine is that when the body is strong and healthy it is naturally resistant to disease. Herbs that have powerful therapeutic effects can disrupt the body’s natural balance. This creates adverse side effects, similar to strong pharmaceutical medications. These possible side effects are remedied through formulation. The combination of a several herbs to increase therapeutic effect while decreasing side effects is a hallmark of Chinese Herbal Medicine. It has developed through thousands of years of careful evaluation and experimentation. This makes Chinese Herbal Formulas quite different from most herbal teas and supplements found in the West. While being as safe, these formulas are much more effective.


Adding to the effectiveness, is the fact that the individuals overall health and constitutional make-up are taken into account when choosing a formula. Rather than have one formula to treat insomnia, there are several. These formula take into account both the severity of the insomnia and the overall health of the patient based on a variety of questions and observations. In this way, formulas are tailored to the individual and have a more profound affect on the overall health, as well as the disease being treated.