Is Food Your Friend?

Do you choose what foods to eat or just eat whatever is put on your plate? What is the one food that you shouldn’t eat but eat anyway? What foods do you add to your diet to improve your health? There are so many choices to make around the foods we eat and there are immediate and long-term consequences to the choices we make. Making proper choices improves our physical, emotional and mental health. Poor choices have the opposite effect. Therefore, food can be our friend or our enemy depending on the choices.

I am just getting ready to write a series about healthy food choices but before I do that I was wondering how much health plays into your food choices. I find that most people develop eating patterns from their childhood. These are often hard to break. Yet, here in the Northwest and even on the West Coast, it seems that people are more concerned about eating the most nutritious foods available.

I grew up with a diet that was heavy on carbohydrates and fatty meats, basically a meat and potatoes diet. Most of my vegetables came out of a can, corn and beans being the main “vegetables”. In college, I had two room-mates that were excellent cooks and cooked a lot of fresh vegetables, either steamed or stir-fried. I remember being surprised that vegetables actually tasted good. Now, I eat a fair amount of fresh, organic vegetables, but I still fall short of what is ideal in that respect. This year I will be growing my own salad greens to add more fresh vegetables. My outlook on foods and what is needed in my diet has certainly changed over the years.

So, what is your relationship to food in terms of making healthy choices? Answer our short survey below and find out what others are saying!


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