Balance Superstar

Balance Superstar Badge

Thank you for your referral!  Patient referrals are very important to us.  To show our thanks for your referral we have placed a Superstar Badge (like the one above) in your patient file.  This badge entitles you to a free treatment.  It never expires and will stay in file until you use it.  Every time you refer another person to us and they come in for their first visit, we will place another Superstar Badge in your file.  There is no limit of how many free visits you can have.  Also, your badge is transferable, so if you want to gift it to someone else you can.  Please be sure to call us or email us to let us know the name of the person who will be redeeming your badge.

NOTE: All promotional offers (Superstar Badge visits, Gift Certificates, Groupon visits, etc.) don’t count towards receiving a Superstar Badge.  However, if you refer someone and they continue on beyond the promotion then you will still receive a Superstar Badge.  Badges have no cash value and may only be redeemed for acupuncture visits.