Thank You Groupon Customers!

We are coming up on the expiration date of our Groupon deal. January 16th is the last day that a Groupon can be redeemed to get the full acupuncture visits. If you have a Groupon that has already expired don’t throw it away. The original deal will expire but remember the value that you paid never expires. You can always come in and apply that value toward an acupuncture visit. If you want to try acupuncture, don’t let that opportunity pass you by, you can still get an appointment for a discount.

Now that all the details are out of the way, I want to offer a heartfelt Thank You! Groupon has been great for us at Balance in many ways. We have met and treated so many new and wonderful people. I am well pleased with all the great reviews that we have received on groupon. To date, we have had 63 completely positive responses and only 1 negative. I’d say that’s pretty good.

In April, we will be finishing up with all the Groupon visits, but if you are a Groupon member, keep an eye out for new offers. We will still be too busy to run the featured deal again at that time but we will have some new offers that will be coming out on a more regular basis. I will also note those on our blog and facebook when they come out, so stay tuned. Once again, thank you to everyone who participated in the Groupon. I am ending this blog with a few of the great comments from our Groupon customers, thank you all for the feedback on our work!!

Amazing and tranquil environment! The staff is incredibly friendly and intuitive. Would highly recommend to everyone! They are very well educated, it made my first time acupuncture experience a great one. I am excited to become a regular.

LOVE Susan! She was wonderful with my 13-year old daughter and very knowledgeable. Her treatment was noticeably effective for my daughter. Having had acupuncture many times myself in the past, I was very impressed with Susan.

Tony, you do amazing work and i will definitely continue to use you as my ongoing acupuncturist. i liked the sauna, too, as it really helped my skin.

I would not have known about this business without the Groupon introduction. After the first session, there was not much difference, but after the second session there was definitely an obvious energy shift that diminished my pain considerably. What I also like is that the person was willing to explain things as the work was being done. This was my first accupuncture experience.

Image courtesy of Groupon

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