Transitions Lifestyle – Week 1

I have just finished the first week of the Transitions Lifestyle Program. It is called detox week and it is the most difficult week of the program. During this week, you are allowed to eat all the vegetables you would like, but mostly raw, plus three servings of fruit and that’s it. No meat, no fats, no grains, no sugar. Talk about a shock to your system!

The first few days were the worse. Headaches and general malaise were my symptoms. I felt like I was coming down with a bad flu. Other people in my class were experiencing digestive complaints, dizziness and weakness. Everyone seems to have slightly different symptoms but everyone also feels a drastic change.

By the end of the week, though I was still experiencing some fairly severe muscle aches, I noticed something different. I had an abundance of energy and my mental clarity was excellent. I could focus on my tasks better and my ability to recall information quickly was much better.

All of these changes got me thinking about what exactly is going on in detox week. I have fasted before and this week is basically a fast. It promotes increased enzyme activity in the body, cleaning out waste on a cellular level. However, that isn’t what interested me, I was already familiar with the process and knew this would happen.

What was interesting to me was how much detoxing my body needed. I don’t have a particularly awful diet and yet I could really feel the effects of the detox. Also, having to eat 2 gallon bags of vegetables a day made me realize that I don’t eat anywhere near enough vegetable. For the past couple of years, I have been saying to myself “Tony, you need to eat more vegetables and less meat”. Now, I will get a chance to see where following my own advice will lead me. I just hope the rest of the journey isn’t so bumpy.

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2 comments on “Transitions Lifestyle – Week 1
  1. Irene Negron says:

    This is my third day of detox can you help me with some recipes for veggies. I not use to eating only vegetables so I need some creative help in this area please. Thanks!!

    • Anthony Thompson says:

      Irene, I found for detox week the best idea was to have vegetables to snack on. I would always take 2 gallon ziplock bags filled with carrots, cucumbers, and celery with me to snack on. I also found that the most difficult part was that my desire to eat went away and I had no inclination to eat more vegetables. This is especially true the more raw vegetables I would eat. For myself, having a warm vegetable soup at breakfast and dinner was critical. Also, adding some mushrooms and smoked paprika to the vegetable soup makes it more enticing. Your TLS coach should be giving you some ideas as well. Don’t forget that the TLS website has lots of recipes. I will forward your email address to my TLS coach and have her contact you.

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