Transitions Lifestyle Workshop

Susan Groller will be offering a 12 week Transitions Lifestyle workshop at Balance Acupuncture, starting on June 28th. The TLS workshop gives you the tools and education to make healthy choices in your life. It is not just about diet; modifying your attitudes and behavior around diet and exercise are a big part of the TLS system. This means real and lasting change that improves your overall body composition.

TLS is described as a weight loss system. If you are looking to lose weight it will help you meet your goals. You can even speed up the process with supplements that help you curve your cravings and convert the calories from fat into muscle mass. However, this is only a small part of the TLS system. If you are fairly healthy and want to stay healthy, TLS will provide a good education in how to do just that.

The principal behind TLS is to eat low-glycemic, nutritious foods while following a consistent exercise routine. You remove fat building foods from your diet, promote the conversion of fat and carbs into building muscle, and promote the building of muscle mass by regular exercise.

There is a lot of support worked into the TLS system to help you achieve your health goals. The idea is to change your behavior so that you are aware that your goals are achievable. In addition, you are given step-by-step instructions on how to get there. There are four meetings to get instruction and monitor your progress toward your goals. Journaling about your achievements and any obstacles you have faced is also a big part of the program. In the end, you will have a clear picture of what it takes to maintain your health and an education on how to stay healthy.

To sign-up for the TLS workshop, just go to the schedule online page and choose “workshops” from the scheduling tabs.

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