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If you have visited our website this past week you may have noticed a different look.  In honor of the winter, we have changed the background to a more wintry theme.  This year, we will be changing the theme every season to remind everyone that each season has its own spirit.  Even though in the Northwest there are only two seasons, summer and rainy season, we can still keep in mind the spirit of the seasons. Winter is the time of turning in, of reflection and of planning for the year ahead.  It is a quiet, solemn time filled with expectation.

You may have also noticed that our website is a darker blue.  We have changed the background color because the previous lighter color made it difficult to read link text.  The darker scheme also makes it easier to read the menus and sidebar text.  We are keeping the light blue in the borders around pictures, however, to give more depth to the color scheme.  If you have any suggestions for the website you can comment on this blog post or send them to us directly by choosing “Contact Us” from the main menu.  We appreciate your comments.

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