Who are you?!

Ever asked yourself, who am I? When someone else asks, “Who are you?”; such a direct question. We usually answer with our name and a little bio; where we’re from, where we work, etc. This is not what I am talking about. What I am asking is, “what sort of person are you; i.e. what is your character?” This is the sort of question that almost no one asks but for a healthy mind and happy life, it is one we should ask ourselves.

The benefit of finding the answer isn’t in the labels we can put on ourselves. For instance; I’m a cheerful person, I’m a sad person, I’m an angry person or I’m a generous person. The benefit lies in recognizing who we are and having the ability to change that person into who we want to be. I can say to myself, I am a sad person now but I will be a cheerful person from now on.

Here’s the tricky part. If you are a grumpy person, it seems that it would take so little to change. Simply decide to be cheerful, right? Wrong! Character is very difficult to change because it is who we are! If you want to be cheerful, you first have to find a reason to be cheerful. If your downright grumpy that may be difficult. So what can you do?

Here’s the trick. Do what cheerful people do! Smile and wave at people, tell others what a wonderful day it is, spread good cheer all around. Chances are that you will really irritate the grumpy self in you. You’re grumpy for a reason and this will make it more clear. In the meantime, you get practice at the new you and believe me, you will need practice. As I said before, character is very difficult to change.

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